• What do Social Workers do?

What Do Social Workers Do?

Staying Organized in the World of Online Learning

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What question do I hear the most from my online-MSW peers and online students in general?
Read more to learn some of the tips and tricks I've developed through the years to help me keep my online classwork organized.

Online MSW Student Blog: What Does Online MSW Classwork Involve?

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As I reflect on my time in the Florida State University online, part-time traditional (3-year) MSW program, I cannot believe how much I have learned and how quickly the time has passed. One question I frequently get from others who are interested in the program is: what do MSW students do? What skills do I need? I'm going to start writing about the online MSW journey to help people really gage if the program is a good fit for them. In this article, I will talk about the most important skills for an online MSW student to have.

Jobs for BSWs

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A lot of times, when "Social Worker" is in a job title, the employer is looking for someone with an MSW. So where can people with their BSW look to find a job that pays well and uses their social work skills? 

Social Work Roles: In their own words

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So recently I went to Reddit to ask social workers what job in social work they hold, and what their favorite part of that role is. I want to highlight the diverse and rewarding possibilities in a social work career. Some of the respondents also talked about the downsides, or compared various fields of social work. Here are some of the social workers' answers. I've attempted to subdivide the fields of social work into larger categories, though there is some overlap. 

The Road to Policy Practice in Social Work: MSW Student Shannon Shannon

Shannon at the College of Social Work

Shannon Shannon grew up in Brevard County, Florida, and is about to graduate with her Master of Social Work, Social Leadership Concentration, from Florida State University.

Shannon initially enrolled in Florida State University as an undergraduate student, having first earned her A.A. from Eastern Florida State College. Her intent was to study political science and, eventually, law. While taking a social work class, she realized that social workers who have a policy focus do much the same work as lawyers, although with a more "boots on the ground" approach. Shannon decided the social work path was more aligned with her goals and priorities. So she enrolled in the College of Social Work, where she found her passion for legislative advocacy and leadership.

A Day in the Life ... Child Welfare Dependency Case Manager

Heidi and colleagues

Heidi Hanson earned her BSW online from Indiana Wesleyan University, and her MSW online from Florida State University. Social work positions that Heidi has held include working for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Public Housing, and for a federally-qualified healthcare center. She has worked to assist people with navigating the bureaucracy behind obtaining food stamps, Medicaid, and Medicare.

EFSC Social & Human Services - On the Road to Changing the World


As you can read about here, if you are interested in earning your BSW and your MSW at FSU, a great place to start is with your A.S. in Social & Human Services at Eastern Florida State College. With your A.S. in Social & Human Services, you could earn your BSW in two more years, and your MSW one year after that.

Watch these testimonials from EFSC students to learn more about the Social & Human Services program at EFSC.

A Day in the Life ... Private Practice Clinical Social Worker

Nancy Klein

Meet Nancy Klein, a clinical social worker (LCSW, MSSW) with a private practice in Palm Bay, Florida. Nancy talks about what a day in the life of a private practice clinical social worker looks like, discusses her previous social work positions, and explains the versatility and benefits of the M.S.W. degree.

A Day in the Life ... Hospice Social Work at Wuesthoff Brevard Hospice

Keely Ricks

Meet Keely Ricks, MSW, Medical Social Worker and Veteran Liaison with Wuesthoff Brevard Hospice. Keely talks about her journey in a variety of fields in social work, that eventually led her to her current position in hospice. Find out about a day in the life of hospice social work.

A Look at Military Social Workers


Watch some YouTube videos highlighting serving military social workers, and learn about the path to becoming a social worker in the military.