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Welcome to the Brevard Network!

The FSU College of Social Work created the Brevard Network as a way to build community and connection among all FSU social work graduates and students in Brevard County, Florida.

We will learn from each other, support each other, and share our joys and accomplishments.

We will offer assistance to those in our community just beginning their social work journey.

For those who are already social workers in Brevard, sharing your experiences at FSU can help someone else overcome hurdles in their social work educational journey, and provide guidance as they navigate their career. College of Social Work alumni have the potential to provide invaluable mentorship to a new generation of social workers.

Veterans who graduated from the FSU College of Social Work know what it means to serve, as a social worker and service member. With the understanding of the deep commitment and rewards of both, FSU veteran graduates are especially crucial to provide guidance and counsel to fellow veterans and service members. Sharing your wisdom with fellow veterans and service members interested in social work is one more way to make the world a better place.

To join the Brevard Network:

contact Amy Cheng | 321-328-0639 | brevardnet@csw.fsu.edu