We at FSU value and support our veteran, active military, spouse, and dependent students.

The Florida State University College of Social Work is dedicated to bringing more veterans, active-duty military, and dependent spouses, to the field of social work. Social Work needs veterans.

We have scholarships just for you. 

FSU values you and your service, and has scholarships dedicated to helping Brevard residents who are veterans, active military, or spouses earn their degree in social work. To learn more about our scholarships, to speak with an advisor, or to be connected with the Student Veterans Center, please contact us using the form below.

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Why Social Work? What do Social Workers do?

Did you know social workers are employed in private therapy, schools, in government, in human resources, at the VA, in mental health settings, in higher education, in public administration, and more?

Social Workers are Mental Health Professionals

There are more clinically-trained social workers than psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychiatric nurses combined. Licensed clinical social workers can open their own private practice.

Social Work is One of the Fastest Growing Fields in the Nation

Social Work is outpacing the vast majority of professions according to the BLS.gov. Because of the variable opportunities available to social workers, the field is expansive and growing.

“Our goal at the Student Veterans Center is to get to know student-veterans and initiate, cultivate and sustain relationships that create a sense of home, so they can develop a post-service sense of purpose and vision for their future,” Francis said. “We want to be a national beacon of veteran support and success. We want to empower veterans.”

The best way to empower student-veterans is to provide the resources that help them graduate and find rewarding careers or postgraduate opportunities, Francis said.

Florida State is succeeding on that goal. Student-veterans are posting an impressive graduation rate of 83 percent, according to the Office of Institutional Research.

“That’s a tribute to student-veterans as well as the whole campus community showing its support,” Francis said. “FSU has set up more than 60 liaisons across campus who help with the retention of our student-veterans. We have so many resources as part of the FSU family. I can get immediate assistance with spiritual, mental, physical, relational and academic demands.”...  (Continue reading)

Why is Florida State University Ranked #10 in the Nation for Veterans?

FSU participates in federal programs designed to assist veterans in completing college, offers excellent career and vocational support, provides counseling support, and assists veterans, spouses, and dependents in understanding and accessing benefits. Additionally, FSU provides credit for various types of military experience.